Two recorders short of a consort (tonibunny) wrote in rct,
Two recorders short of a consort

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, I've just bought RCT3 and have been playing around with making buildings....I'm quite pleased with this one, so I thought I'd share it here :) Careful, the pic's quite large....

Image hosted by

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that is really cool, good job. you should post another shot with some guests enjoying your creation.
Thank you! I'll try to post a shot with guests in it, though I'm having trouble in that the game slows up considerably when I open the park because there are so many peeps walking round it, so I have to turn the graphics right down :( Does anyone have advice on anything I can do to help reduce this please? Cheers!
Sadly the AI routines in RCT3 eat a massive amount of CPU runtime.
Wow, awesome stuff!

I am so jealous. That is super awesome!